Vienna Concert-Verein

Vienna Concert-Verein – Foto © Julia Wesely
Viennese original sound tradition in turning to the new.

The Wiener Concert-Verein can look back on 35 years of successful history

Musicians from the ranks of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra re-founded the Wiener Concert-Verein: as an independent chamber orchestra playing both classical and contemporary music. Original Viennese sound Tradition in turning to the new: the 35-year successful history of the Wiener Concert-Verein.

The musicians and performers of the Wiener Concert-Verein are roughly equally responsible for the success on the stages. In keeping with the original Viennese sound tradition, they originally come from a wide variety of nations: Austria, Australia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belgium, Spain, Russia, China, Belarus, Germany, Japan, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary.

They are united by a first-class musical education, the joy of music and making music together.

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They are united by a first-class musical education, the joy of music and making music together.

Composer in residence

In a collaboration between composers and orchestra that is unique in Austria, the Wiener Concert-Verein has been organising a highly acclaimed concert cycle for the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna since 1993.

In the seasons 2022-2024 Richard Dünser is Composer in Residence.

Richard Dünser, Rainer Bischof, Gottfried von Einem, Kurt Schwertsik, Thomas Daniel Schlee, Bert Breit, Helmut Eder, Ivan Eröd, Gert Kühr, Gerhard Wimberger, Herbert Willi, Paul Walter Fürst, Dirk D’Ase, Johanna Doderer and Balduin Sulzer, Gerald Resch, Helmut Schmidinger and Reinhard Süss were presented as “Composer in Residence”. In the 2009/10 season, the Wiener Concert-Verein and the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde dedicated their successful cycle to Helmut Schmidinger, Richard Dünser and Reinhard Süss, Wolfram Wagner, Thomas Wally. In 2011/12, much attention was paid to the work of Julia Purgina. In 2014 Gabriele Proy and in 2015 Alfred Huber were composer in residence.

Premieres of the Wiener Concert-Verein

Since its inception, the ensemble has performed over 100 works by contemporary Austrian composers with great success, including compositions by Heinz Karl Gruber, Richard Dünser, Rainer Bischof, Kurt Schwertsik, Helmut Eder, Thomas Daniel Schlee and Paul Walter Fürst. Among others, the opera “Strom” by Johanna Doderer and the opera in one act “Radek” by Richard Dünser as well as works by Gerd Kühr, Gerhard Wimberger, Herbert Willi, Gerald Resch, Reinhard Süss, Dirk D’Ase, Christian Ofenbauer, Franz Thürauer, Helmut Schmidinger, Raffaele Bellafronte, Werner Steinmetz and Wolfram Wagner were premiered.