Camerata Prima Wien

The common goal is to support highly talented Austrian talents aged 12 to 19 on their way to a professional musical career and, in particular, to promote young orchestra talents.

Together with the Camerata Prima Wien, the Vienna Philharmonic is breaking new ground in promoting young musicians. Under its director Daniel Froschauer, the orchestra took over the patronage of the talent development program of the Camerata Prima Wien in November 2022. 

Daniel Froscher – Photo © Wesely

Daniel Froschauer, Chairman of the Vienna Philharmonic: “It is about learning the musical craft, about preserving traditions, about passing on the specific way of playing and sound culture and about the exchange of experience and knowledge that is handed down from generation to generation. We see it as our task to accompany our young artists to a certain extent and to support them so that they can continue on their successful path.

Johannes Kostner, violinist of the Vienna Philharmonic, who strongly supported this concern from the beginning, took over the project management on behalf of the orchestra.

Together with Harald Krumpöck, violinist of the Vienna Philharmonic, and Angelika Persterer-Ornig, who also developed prima la musica Wien’s extensive talent development programme, the idea arose to bring together highly talented musicians aged 12 to 19 in various ensembles led by members of the Vienna Philharmonic.

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