Strauss Festival Orchestra Vienna

Strauss Festival Orchestra Vienna – Photo © Richard Schuster

True to style and genuine sound,
Viennese charm and the joy of making music are characteristic features of the
Strauss Festival Orchestra Vienna. 

Performances on the most prominent stages of international concert life like the Cologne Philharmonic Hall, the Herkules Hall in Munich, the Suntory Hall Tokyo, the Arts Centre Seoul, the Dom Muziki Moskau or the Vienna Musikverein are a sign of international esteem.

In its home city, Vienna, the SFO is represented in a special way: since the turn of the millenium in the year 2000 the annual New Year‘s Concerts of the Strauss Festival Orchestra at the Great Hall of the Vienna Konzerthaus are seen as one of the musical highlights at the turn of the year.

It is with great optimism and pleasure that the Strauss Festival Orchestra Vienna earns enthusiasm and cheers, proclaiming the eternally youthful fascination of viennese music. Countless guest performances have led the SFO around the globe; for audiences in Japan, China, Taiwan or South Korea the orchestra ranks among the absolute favourites. Equally, the large cities of Eastern Europe like Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiew are constant travel destinations for the orchestra.

Next to its loyalty to traditional style and the true viennese sound, the special trademark of the SFO is its charm and joy in making music at the highest artistic level.