Rondo Vienna (en)

Moderne Popelemente gepaart mit klassischer Kraft und Harmonie ergeben eine Musikrichtung, die man mit dem Namen nur einer Geigensolistin beschreiben kann –  
Barbara Helfgott!

Internationale Pressestimmen

The Rondo Vienna has been known to many music lovers since its foundation. It is composed of female members and performs in different formations with up to 24 female musicians. For years, the ensemble has been a guest in important concert halls such as
the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, the Gewandhaus in Leipzig or the Konzerthaus in Vienna.
Their repertoire includes not only traditional Viennese music, classical orchestral
literature, the great classics of the 20th century such as Gershwin and Morricone as
well as musical and jazz, but also a new pop program – a unique interpretation of
modern hits, a musical and rhythmic fireworks of the ensemble carried by virtuoso
solo runs by violinist Barbara Helfgott.

The versatility comes from the musicians who make up the orchestra. Although they
all have their roots in classical music and the Viennese musical tradition, the
members also include internationally sought-after jazz and pop musicians. The
Rondo Vienna is both an independent ensemble and a sought-after accompanying
orchestra of renowned artists. Effective scenic performances and show
performances are possible through the ability of the musicians to play by heart. The
independence of notes and desks thus achieved creates extraordinary freedom of
movement and direct contact with the audience. Thanks to the soloistic quality of the
orchestra members, the individual voices can be amplified excellently, which makes
the Rondo Vienna ideally suited for major events.

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Billy Jean
The Winner takes it all