Janoska Ensemble (en)

Janoska Style

The three brothers Ondrej, František and Roman Janoska as well as their brother-in-law Julius Darvas turn the classical world upside down with their “Janoska Style”!

Foto (c) Andreas Bitesnich

Their polyglot musical language and breathtaking playing technique break all genres: the debut CD “Janoska Style” (Deutsche Grammophon, 2016) was awarded gold within a few months. Their 2019-album “Revolution” is now on the verge of gold.

The “Janoska Style” is a new, jointly created musical vision: a mixture of classical, jazz, pop, and other style-elements; Perhaps one of the most important elements of playing music together is based upon the almost-forgotten-art of improvisation in classical music.

Over 100 concerts a year in all renowned concert halls and festivals worldwide.

The four members of the Janoska Ensemble meet all the criteria to live up to this claim of the “Janoska Style”: A profound classical music education, decades of practice from childhood, musical cohesion in the ensemble, a deeply rooted musical tradition (over seven generations of musicians in the family), the highest technical perfection and infinite joy of playing together with the art of free improvisation revived by them: Each piece is unique and irretrievable result of the uniqueness of the moment.

In 2019, the new album “REVOLUTION” was released – the album was mastered in the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London.

Exploring the Roots of Music: A musical journey to the roots with the verve and courage to fuse modern stylistic elements – in other words: in the Janoska style.

Ondrej Janoska plays a violin by Car
lo Ferdinando Landolfi from 1760, kindly provided to him by the Goh Family Collection.

Roman Janoska plays the Violin “Ferdinandus Gagliano Filius, Nicolai fecit Neap. 1769”, which was kindly made available to him by the collection of Dr. Christian Kuhn.

František Janoska is a Bösendorfer Artist
Julius Darvas, Roman Janoska and Ondrej Janoska are Thomastik-Infeld Artists.


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